Jeff Fell Owner

Jeff started with The Specimen Tree Company in 2009 as a foreman in our landscape team working on the Highbrook Parklands project. He was appointed Landscape Manager in 2011. Prior to this Jeff worked in Nursery production for 27 years. Jeff has strong technical knowledge and is great in the implementation of landscape projects which have included the Wynyard Quarter upgrades, the Aotea Square redevelopment and Highbrook Parklands.

Jeff Started Specimen Tree Landscapes after taking part ownership of The Specimen Tree Company in late 2016 with the aim of futhur developing the Landscaping aspect of the business

Our clients include residential property owners, landscape architects, landscape contractors, city councils, property developers, construction companies, golf courses, institutions and schools.

Why do we move trees?


For hundreds of years, society has recognised the need to relocate valuable trees in order to harmonise developments and landscapes with human needs. Trees located in inappropriate positions can be moved, releasing them from life-threatening, detrimental suppression and further provide physiological development benefits. This provides opportunities for specimen planting, parkland and new development screening.

Relocation is ecologically sustainable resulting in new landscape tree portfolios.


“We have saved clients 60-80% on buying in semi-mature specimens on past projects”

Tree moving projects require careful planning, recognising each individual species, including its constraints and future requirements.