At Specimen Tree Landscapes, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of services tailored to meet all your tree planting and landscape needs. Not only do we cultivate and nurture a diverse selection of trees in our nursery, but we also specialize in providing professional planting services. With a team of skilled horticultural staff, we guarantee that your trees will be meticulously planted, ensuring their successful establishment and long-term vitality in their new surroundings. Our expertise extends beyond private gardens, as we have undertaken numerous projects in various settings such as parks, streets, civic areas, subdivisions, commercial developments, institutions, and schools. Furthermore, we boast ample experience in the restoration of New Zealand’s native vegetation through re-vegetation plantings, contributing to the preservation and enhancement of our natural ecosystem. With our comprehensive range of services and wealth of knowledge in the field, we are committed to creating beautiful, sustainable landscapes that exceed your expectations.


Correct planting is absolutely critical for tree establishment, if you are inexperienced with tree planting we highly recommend you use one of our tree planting services. We customise our planting to suit the needs of the individual.

Younger trees are secured by traditional stake-and-tie method


Once the tree has been planted stakes and ties must be checked every year to avoid tight tree ties damaging the stems and to replace any ties that have frayed or broken. Once the tree is then able to stand unsupported without bending or shifting in the ground, we remove the stakes. This usually takes eighteen months to three years, but may be longer for semi-mature trees or ones on weak rootstocks, such as dwarf apple trees.

Larger tree specimens we often us a state of-the-art overhead or underground Platipus anchorage system. This ensures the tree successfully establishes itself within the surrounding ground and has adequate support prevent damage from the surrounding environments weather conditions.

The Platipus Anchor for Large Tree Planting